Housing, Community Care and Public Law Litigation

Paying for Legal Services

We understand and try to meet the needs of clients with limited financial means - both private and business - who for one reason or another do not qualify for legal aid.

We are committed to access to justice for all and therefore to publicly funded legal aid.

We accept payments by debit and credit cards (except American Express). Paying by credit card will add 1.5% to your bill.

Private Funding

We will act privately in all our practice areas. We will give you an estimate of legal costs before starting work and help you so they don't get out of control. In some cases we can quote you a fixed fee.

Hourly rates vary according to the type of case and level of caseworker. Please contact us at info@hansenpalomares.co.uk for an estimate and/or quote including for initial advice confirmed in writing.

Conditional Fees

In some cases we offer "no win - no fee" or "no win - lower fee" arrangements.

Public Funding - Legal Aid

Following Government cuts we can only offer public funding for work in:

  • Housing - helping the homeless, people facing possession claims and disrepair if there is a serious risk to health;
  • Community care - helping to obtain social or health services;
  • Exceptional cases - where refusal of legal aid would be breach of the European Convention on Human Rights or European Union rights.
  • For publicly funded work you have to pass a means test. When we see you for the first time we will check if you qualify.

    With publicly funded Legal Help we can investigate your case, advise, write letters and negotiate for you. You can check whether you are eligible for Legal Help here.

    With publicly funded Legal Representation, better known as Legal Aid, we can run a court case for you. You can check whether you are eligible for Legal Representation here